Bill Gray

Founder of Eremedyonline

Brief Summary

Bill Gray, DHt, (Doctor of Homeotherapeutics) and Founder of Coherence Apps LLC, is a Stanford-trained MD who is known worldwide in homeopathy as teacher, author, and leader. He has practiced for 47 years using homeopathy for treating chronic disease – currently in Los Gatos, California, USA. He is known for deep insights into human nature in addition to his scientific contributions to homeopathy.

Bill Gray lives in a cabin in the mountains, avidly running on steep hills several times a week. When he has time, he flies small planes with his brother and aspires to glider flying someday. He has extensive meditation training spanning over 50 years, and enjoys meditative communing under the stars.

Most importantly, Bill dedicates his time beyond fulltime practice to developing Coherence Apps LLC as a means of treating acute disease worldwide, most particularly reaching villages in emerging countries where the need is greatest, medical availability sparse, and cellphones increasingly prevalent.


My story from my point of view – Bill Gray

People often ask me how I got into homeopathic medicine after receiving training from so many Nobel Prize winners and Stanford Medical School. As with most things, I only describe the experience. I became interested in medicine at a young age because of my mother’s influence. I was very idealistic. I learned to think for myself because of my pioneering test pilot-engineer father.

When I got to Stanford Medical School, there was a drug company representative literally at the entrance handing out stethoscopes to new students. I was shocked by that. Of course, I refused. But I kept my eyes open after that in all scientific studies to see how they were sponsored; it was amazing to see how much “evidence-based” science was sponsored by commercially-motivated companies – and this influence is even higher today!

As I proceeded through medical school, it became clear to my idealistic mind that the biggest problems are chronic diseases of all kinds. Moreover, it was always clear that medicine is ineffective in the face of chronic disease. Moreover, studies came out showing that there are 50% more man-hours in hospitals spent dealing with side-effects of treatments rather than effects of diseases! Such studies continue through to today.

So when I graduated I was confronted with a career continuously wondering whether I was doing more harm than good. I almost dropped out altogether at that point.

Fortunately I had two experiences that made me wonder whether my training was blind to outside possibilities. There was a patient in cardiology clinic who had “pre-infarction angina.” This was before bypass surgery, so his condition was desperate. One day, though, he came to clinic saying he was completely cured! He was running, playing golf, living actively. We asked how that happened. He answered, “I began taking Vitamin E.” Walking away afterward, I asked the attending physician what that was all about. He just shook his head and admitted he had no idea.

Another experience happened during internship when a very open-minded orthopedist pulled a few of us aside and taught us chiropractic technique to treat whiplash injuries. Indeed, when I used it, it produced rapid and miraculous results. The orthopedist warned us never to let authorities in the hospital know we were doing this because there was a strong prejudice against chiropractics.

As I reflected on these and other incidents, I realized there may be nontoxic yet effective treatments outside of the universe presented to us by medical school. That started me on a path studying nutrition, vitamins, herbs, and other alternative medicines. When I discovered homeopathy has a proven system based on Laws of Cure that enable us to know when we are doing good and when we are doing harm, I adopted that path.


Complete Biography of Bill Gray

• Born October 13, 1942 in Norfolk, Virginia. The oldest of four boys. An aviation family — father and one brother were famous test pilots, another an owner of a flight school. Mother was a nurse.
• In high school, won an award for science fair project in conjunction with a Nobel Prize winner at CalTech on photomicrography of chromosomes of cultured cancer cells.
• Raised in West Los Angeles, went to UCLA for undergraduate degree, majoring in Bacteriology.
• Medical degree completed at Stanford Medical School, instructed by four Nobel Prize laureates. During clinical clerkship, published two papers on an innovative treatment of a burn patient.
• While at Stanford, spent one-year sabbatical traveling in India and Israel evaluating international health as a career.
• Graduated Stanford Medical School with M.D. in 1970.
• Internship Highland General Hospital, Oakland. California licensure in 1971. Worked at Kaiser Permanente for one year thereafter.
• First training in homeopathy at the National Center for Homeopathy one-month course for doctors in Pennsylvania, 1971.
• 1976-1978, personal training with George Vithoulkas (1996 recipient of Nobel Prize for Alternative Medicine in Stockholm, Sweden) of Athens, Greece. Assisted in writing Vithoulkas’ Homeopathy: Medicine of the New Man and Science of Homeopathy.
• 1978, co-founder of International Foundation of Homeopathy, principal instructor for IFH across U.S.
• 1985, co-founder of and core faculty member of Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in East Bay.
• Extensive lecturing throughout U.S., Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, England, Finland, and New Zealand.
• 1996, represented North America at Bicentennial Celebration of the founding of homeopathy in Frankfurt, Germany.
• 1999, published Homeopathy: Science or Myth? , North Atlantic Books, Berkeley. Available through Amazon. An introductory book that also speaks to the skeptic, presenting the wealth of scientific proof for homeopathy’s effectiveness and mechanism of action
• 1999, Bill Gray was the first recipient of the annual Henry Williams Award for contributions to the profession.
• November 2002, shares dais in Munich, Germany, with George Vithoulkas in celebration of his role in helping to found Homoopathie Forum, one of the best Classical Homeopathy schools in Europe.
• 2007, co-founded, an automated lifestyle and health evaluation engine used in health spas.
• 2014, created campaign to treat Ebola via cellphone, curing 3 out of 3 within 4 hours simply by playing the appropriate eRemedy several times in an hour.