Individualization in alternative medicine

Individualization in Alternative Medicine

Each individual is unique, yet also part of the All

Many alternative medicines try hard to individualize treatments. Modern specialists in integrative medicine take into account environmental sensitivities, lifestyle, social circumstances, hereditary and familial backgrounds – all in an attempt to shape recommendations to the uniqueness of the individual. This is a noble attempt, but I consider it “band-aid holism.” In this view, each intervention has an influence, and it is hoped that collection will make a bigger difference.

Ayurveda considers several combinations of some basic tendencies to shape recommendations for lifestyle changes. This is shaped in a rough way to the individual. Tibetan and Chinese medicine make similar analyses and add pulse diagnosis to increase resolution to considerable detail. These then shape interventions in a way that produces powerful curative effects.

Chiropractic, Reiki, Qi Gong, and similar therapies are very individualized and use hands-on techniques to manipulate energy flows in the patient. These too have beneficial effects.

In my experience (given my bias, of course), homeopathy is the most individualized and powerful of all the therapies. Based on detailed questioning which takes many years of experience to master, we attempt to understand on a deep level all the fundamental driving assumptions and dynamics in each individual. That understanding is then matched to the huge database of cured patients to identify which single homeopathic remedy fits best for the whole individual – mental, emotional, and physical. In chronic disease, this is a painstaking process that must be done very precisely; if the remedy is correct, it then has a profound curative effect over a gradual time.

In the case of Coherence Apps LLC, the focus is on purely acute conditions – true departures from the ongoing chronic state imposed on the person by some outside influence. These typically resolve themselves over time – as in influenza, travelers’ diarrhea, cough, etc. Individualization is done by a few minutes of question-answers, and an automated engine chooses the proper eRemedy. This is played via cellphone or computer and results in speeding up healing that would have taken place anyway over a longer time. Modules for these ailments can all be BOOKMARKED at modules.

[Remember, this website is not solely informational. Mainly, there are modules that bring rapid relief for a variety of acute self-limited conditions DIRECTLY by using your cellphone or computer. Just go to MDinyourHand > Ailments ! You will see modules for relieving many kinds of injuries such as back painsprainsbruisingconcussion, even bites & stings. Additionally, parents will appreciate feverbaby’s colicteethingear infection, and others. Even pet owners will find pet bladder infection and pet abscess

How do you do it? Just go to MDinyourHand > Ailments. Answer some questions to define an individualizing pattern of symptoms. The expert system chooses an appropriate MP3 eRemedy. You then play it DIRECTLY on your cellphone or computer. You can expect relief within minutes to a few hours!]

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    do you have any recomendation about corenaviruse that spread through the world from china these days

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