ABOUT Toothache

Toothache is a common problem that everyone faces at some time in life. Obviously, the first step is to get to a dentist to correct the cavity or the abscess at the base of the tooth. Unfortunately, for some travelers or people in emerging countries, dental care may not be readily accessible.

What causes dental pain?

A normal tooth has an outer hard surface and internal soft tissue. There is circulation that goes through the roots of the tooth to feed the inner pulp with nutrients and oxygen. There are also nerve endings that come through the root.


 As the small cavity at the top progresses untreated, infection spreads through the dentin to the pulp, finally spreading to the root of the tooth forming an abscess.




What to do  abouttoothache

This pain can be excruciating and corrosive to the will. Relief can be obtained by aspirin and NSAIDs like paracetimol, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. Stronger drugs such as codeine and even narcotics may be prescribed to help with pain. If there is an abscess, antibiotics are often used but often have difficulty reaching the center of the abscess through the circulation. The dentist drills the cavity, opening a hole that can help drain. Filling the cavity keeps bacteria from getting inside in early stages.

For early stages, a common home remedy used throughout the world is Oil of Cloves. This seems to reach the nerves and numb the pain.

An eRemedy chose through the expert system at eremedyonline.com/module/12/toothache/ can also give instant relief while you try to reach a dentist.

What to worry about

Once there is an infection in the pulp and/or an abscess at the root of the tooth, infection can potentially spread to the bone. This can cause generalized jaw pain and even fever. This is a medical emergency requiring antibiocs as soon as possible, and possibly emergency surgery.