Grief, as you realize, is a normal human response. Indeed, it is experience by other social animals such as dogs, cats, elephants, horses, and many others. In many cases, it is an acute process that is self-limited. Eventually, the emotional upset ends even though the memory remains. Life goes on.

The process can be very painful – for some people more than others. The process tends to follow a sequence of stages. Some progress faster than others, some more slowly. Moreover, it is possible to get stuck in a particular stage and therefore to have difficulty completing the process.

Stages of Grief

Denial: at first the tendency is to disbelieve the death of the loved one or pet, or whatever. An alternative reality is preferred and even insisted upon. Facts are ignored in favor of emotional preferences.

Anger: Once the reality begins to set in, it is common to get angry about the hurt and to blame others or the Universe or God. They feel the situation is unfair to them or the one they lost, that God is singling them out for some reason, etc.

Bargaining: The idea that something bad has happened, and that they are in some way punished, leads people to bargain, usually with God or the Universe in some way. It is a kind of superstition that if they reform their lives in some way, pray more often, etc., they can avoid the cause of the grief or the pain of it.

Depression: As the futility of bargaining sets in, it is common to develop a feeling of meaningless. Life seems futile if death can end it so unpredictably. Why care about anything if it is just going to prove futile in the end?

Acceptance:Finally, healing proceeds to a level of getting with life anyway, that loss and grief do happen and are part of life even though painful, but that life has worthy meaning to which attention can be turned.

These principles were expostulated most vigorously by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.[http://books.simonandschuster.com/On-Grief-and-Grieving/Elisabeth-Kubler-Ross/9781476775555] The stages are an inevitable and logical progression from hurt to healing and recovery. Individuals can stall out at any stage, even for years. Proper therapy endeavors to help people progress through the process.

A Coherence Apps eRemedy aids the process to speed it up. The stages are still there, and progression inevitably varies from individual to individual. The eRemedy can speed the process when chose by the expert system to select a correct eRemedy. To use the module, go to https://eremedyonline.com/module/8/grief/.