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As a member, you are entitled to 25 uses of MDinyourHand modules for your subscription of $100. You will receive a link that you can share with friends, or family members, or patients (if you are a practitioner).
Experience of most users is that using an eRemedy chosen by using a module brings rapid relief to acute ailments, simply by playing the MP3 file on a cellphone or computer! Of course, this applies only to acute — self-limited and severe — ailments, not chronic conditions.
Each user merely answers module questions to individualize the choice of eRemedy. Then the MP3 eRemedy is played on a digital device according to a recommended schedule. The sound is a 13 second hissing sound which contains frequencies unique to each chosen eRemedy.
After following the protocol, every user will receive a brief survey of results experienced after using the module. Such feedback is crucial to enable our team to refine algorithms to improve results for later use, so we strongly encourage replying.