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You – or your child or pet – suddenly has acute suffering! You need rapid relief – from fever, diarrhea, cough, or even malaria, typhoid, cholera! You are at a distance from health care. What to do!

Turn on your cellphone or computer! Answer some questions to identify what is individual about your pattern of symptoms. Play the unique signal on your cellphone or computer chosen by the expert system to rapidly relieve your symptoms!



Shoshana and Tom

I wanted to send you a note of our success, and gratitude for the tool "eremedyonline". A fast moving virus caused a scare of some rather compromised breathing for my husband. He had gone through a miserable sleepless night where being horizontal was impossible. Thankfully my Sister is a homeopath and I was familiar with your tool! In this condition my Husband caved to trying something he otherwise would have shunned, and is grateful. His condition, namely capacity for breath and ability to lay flat and sleep, showed obvious improvement daily. He got “ ry" our first time w/ the tool, then later my sister felt his recovery had stalled and encouraged getting a new "eremedyonline" remedy. This time we got Phos. His recovery was outspoken enough that he stopped before it was gone. Our Gratitude, Shoshana and Tom


S.A., a homeopath in Palo Alto, CA

Had a very good result with Eremedyonline Tuesday evening when my daughter called me at 12:00AM in severe pain - after dental work! She was panicking and could barely talk from the pain. She was salivating and hawking constantly. Her swallowing was impaired, pain levels pretty high in throat and head, and we had her doctor involved as we were rather worried. We did the headache module and the head injury module and both selected the eremedy called Belladonna Within 3 minutes of the first dose she fell asleep and slept through the night. The next morning she took a few more doses to finally resolve the residual minor headache and she was able to go to work. I am SO grateful to have this tool. My daughter would have had to go to the emergency room.


S.A., homeopath, Palo Alto, CA

I was pretty sick yesterday and remembered Eremedyonline, after first trying to think through my fog of illness and coming to gelsemium, which did very little. MD came to Eup-Perf which immediately significantly eased my aching and chills. I used the eremedy through the night and I feel SO much better today! I am very impressed!!


S.A., Palo Alto, CA

My 84 year old father was traveling overseas and suddenly became extremely weak, exhausted and febrile. I was called by his wife who said he was not responding to the antibiotics or medications he was being given in the hospital over a period of a few days. My family and I all prepared for the worst, given his serious heart condition and age. Not knowing what else to do I suggested Eremedyonline. Within 20 minutes of receiving the eremedy, my father woke up and asked to eat and drink and felt more like himself. Over the next 2 days his fevers and fatigue rapidly diminished. He just arrived home today to Northern Calif., and is feeling well as ever. We are all amazed and very grateful!


ME, Berkeley, CA

I was told about Dr. Gray’s internet homeopathics and immediately looked into it because I had a very painful torn deltoid muscle. I tried it and have to say for a set of treatments, one remedy, costing just $5 it was a miracle. After the 1st treatment, there were 20 for the $5 remedy, my shoulder was fully well. This is in light of the fact that I had just gotten over tearing the other deltoid on my other arm, which took 6 months to heal. The next day I did 3 more treatments and the pain started to come and go but in general the muscle pain was 60% better, without stopping work. And within 2 weeks the condition only had about 10% of the pain so just about fully healed. Now after about 3 weeks, the condition is just about gone. I am completely amazed at this. At the start of the treatments a lot of things happened in my body, mainly muscular issues. It felt like the remedy was scanning my body and finding blocks from maybe old injuries or issues and dealing with them as well. I’ve spent my life working as a ballet dancer now teacher and bodyworker and I am very sensitive to my body and what’s going on with it. It felt like a lot of healing was going on of things that have been with my body for years. It’s just astounding how an mp3 off the internet can do this. I do believe this is the medicine of the future and certainly worth a try.


Bob G, Aurora CO

Had been struggling with diarrhea for two days, decided to try an eremedy. After answering the questions, aloe was recommended. I felt a measure of relief after an hour, but was more certain of the success of the remedy about 4 hours later. I have now been free of the diarrhea and the associated abdominal discomfort for more than 24 hours.


Lata Mani PhD, San Jose CA/Bangalore India

I was unsure about the idea of an e remedy though not entirely skeptical since it was Dr. Gray. How could answering a questionnaire possibly match my experience of homeopathy as a subtle narrative-based form of medicine? It was a delightful surprise to be proven wrong! As soon as I hit play I felt my entire being begin to relax, to settle into itself, as I were receiving exactly what I had been waiting for. Two hours later I was able to discontinue the e-remedy. An acute episode that would typically have taken 36 hours to resolve had simply petered out in two. I highly recommend eremedyonline.


SD, SF Bay Area

I finished the protocol, including the 6 hourly doses, finishing at 3:30 this morning.  Coughed up a storm--loose cough--until then. At 8:00 this morning I awoke feeling clear-headed, and able to take a deep breath.  The small amount of congestion in sinuses and lungs will go away.  The main point is that the flu or whatever I was struggling with has been wrestled to the ground, and I feel so much better.   Credit to all of the above goes to the app.  It is remarkable. … As hard as I have tried to keep going, acknowledge the fact that I am grieving and angry, the grief and anger were too deep for me to handle all by myself.  The app really helped.  Although I am one who places a high value on therapy, no therapist could have gotten me through this illness or flu in record time, restored my physical and psychological strength, and given me the power to deal with my anger and grief.  At a fraction of the cost.  


CD, Silicon Valley

i had a flu with muscle aches, runny nose, even chills, having to stay in bed for two days. I used the Influenza module, answered, the questions, then took the eRemedy as prescribed. The symptoms were gone by the evening, and I was completely fine by the next day. This will change the world!


MV, So. California

Webmd was a very effective device for me for my acute bladder troubles. Before I have such bad bladder problems I would go to the restroom every 15 minutes. Webmd remedy help me gain regularity in my bladder within 1 and a half days. I am really thankful that there is a device like this to help relive me from all that discomfort I was going through. 


PK, SF Bay Area

After surgery, as in very great pain, no appetite, strong nausea even at the thought of food. Ars eRemedy given. Pain reduced dramatically, appetite regained, no nausea.


FB, Santa Clara, CA

Cured by second dose! A miracle.


HG, Arizona

Though it was hocus pocus joke but tried it and it worked. Would try it again. Website was simple to use.



Aytun had fever of 39.4, headache, earaches, body aches & chills. We started the remedy in the morning and continued until this morning as per instructions. Fever was gone too, just minor headache, earache and throat pain are left.



I began taking an eRemedy for influenza at the very first onset of symptoms. My son was already sick with the flu, so I knew what was coming… I was very afraid of ending up with pneumonia and I cannot safely leave the house in this weather to seek medical care. Within a few minutes of my first dose of my eRemedy, I was feeling calmer and stronger and my initial symptoms began to subside. Later that afternoon, after getting up from a nap, my symptoms had returned and changed. I was now having symptoms I had answered “NO” to in the diagnostic questionaire and kicking myself for not waiting longer to start taking the eRemedy so that I would be able to address these symptoms as well. However, when I took my eRemedy again, all of these symptoms that I had initially answered no to quickly began to subside along with the initial symptoms. … My sinus headache is completely gone, and I have no aches or pains in my body. I just got up from a nap and was feeling a little nauseous. I took my second dose of my eRemedy for the day and the feeling quickly subsided. I have to say that if anyone other than Dr. Gray was offering medical care using sound, I would probably dismiss it. I don’t know how he does it, but the eRemedy I have used worked extremely well.



The whole experience of using eRemedy to me was like experiencing some science fiction in real life. I have been a patient of Dr Gray for several years for other chronic conditions, but tried eRemedy for the first time for an acute condition of flu and cold i developed while traveling abroad. I used the influenza module, and after playing the first dose itself, i felt some energy shift in my body. Within few doses first my symptoms of sore throat healed completely and then within few hours my fever started going down. By next day i was feeling significantly better.



Just wanted to let you know that after the audio belladonna treatment just twice, an hour apart, I have an appetite again, I haven’t been sick in 3 days, I feel a lot better! I have had a lot of little side effects, vivid dreams, short sleep patterns, heat sensitivity is heightened, my words seem to be a bit mixed up, I am having some small memory issues. (Attention issues).
Most importantly I’m not vomiting!



After an accident involving a bruise to my face a few days ago, I had to buy a heavy makeup product to cover the bruising. Then I found the eRemedy for Bruising/Wounds. I noticed an improvement on the first day of use. The purplish color of the bruise was reduced. I am on the second day of use, and this product has already exceeded my expectations! In fact, I did not need the heavier makeup product for the first time since it occurred. Thank you for creating such a helpful product.