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    What are eRemedies? They are  brief sound files with healing frequencies matched uniquely to what is unique about the details of your influenza symptoms. It is not music, auto-hypnosis or relaxing sounds. They have been used by centuries-old energy medicine doctors. Dr. Bill Gray, Stanford-trained MD, has extracted them into digital files that can be played on your digital device. Each "dose" lasts 15 seconds. They are completely safe, have no side effects, do not require a headset, and usually produce practically instant relief.

  • Viral illnesses like influenza or colds occur once or twice a year on average in adults, more often in kids. High fever, muscle aches, sore throat, cough, diarrhea -- all flu symptoms -- can be treated rapidly and safely via digital device such as smartphone or computer.
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ABOUT Influenza/Covid

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Shoshana and Tom

I wanted to send you a note of our success, and gratitude for the tool "eremedyonline". A fast moving virus caused a scare of some rather compromised breathing for my husband. He had gone through a miserable sleepless night where being horizontal was impossible. Thankfully my Sister is a homeopath and I was familiar with your tool! In this condition my Husband caved to trying something he otherwise would have shunned, and is grateful. His condition, namely capacity for breath and ability to lay flat and sleep, showed obvious improvement daily. He got “ ry" our first time w/ the tool, then later my sister felt his recovery had stalled and encouraged getting a new "eremedyonline" remedy. This time we got Phos. His recovery was outspoken enough that he stopped before it was gone. Our Gratitude, Shoshana and Tom


S.A., homeopath, Palo Alto, CA

I was pretty sick yesterday and remembered Eremedyonline, after first trying to think through my fog of illness and coming to gelsemium, which did very little. MD came to Eup-Perf which immediately significantly eased my aching and chills. I used the eremedy through the night and I feel SO much better today! I am very impressed!!


CD, Silicon Valley

i had a flu with muscle aches, runny nose, even chills, having to stay in bed for two days. I used the Influenza module, answered, the questions, then took the eRemedy as prescribed. The symptoms were gone by the evening, and I was completely fine by the next day. This will change the world!



The whole experience of using eRemedy to me was like experiencing some science fiction in real life. I have been a patient of Dr Gray for several years for other chronic conditions, but tried eRemedy for the first time for an acute condition of flu and cold i developed while traveling abroad. I used the influenza module, and after playing the first dose itself, i felt some energy shift in my body. Within few doses first my symptoms of sore throat healed completely and then within few hours my fever started going down. By next day i was feeling significantly better.