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What are eRemedies? They are  brief sound files with healing frequencies matched uniquely to what is unique about the details of your headache or migraine symptoms. It is not music, auto-hypnosis or relaxing sounds. They have been used by centuries-old energy medicine doctors. Dr. Bill Gray, Stanford-trained MD, has extracted them into digital files that can be played on your digital device. Each "dose" lasts 15 seconds. They are completely safe, have no side effects, do not require a headset, and usually produce practically instant relief.

Tension headaches from acute stress are part of modern life; these are headaches in the back of the head and can be treated by eRemedies. Headache symptoms can be relieved instantly by cellphone or digital device. Migraines are more chronic and relapsing, and acute episodes can still be treated.

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S.A., a homeopath in Palo Alto, CA

Had a very good result with Eremedyonline Tuesday evening when my daughter called me at 12:00AM in severe pain - after dental work! She was panicking and could barely talk from the pain. She was salivating and hawking constantly. Her swallowing was impaired, pain levels pretty high in throat and head, and we had her doctor involved as we were rather worried. We did the headache module and the head injury module and both selected the eremedy called Belladonna Within 3 minutes of the first dose she fell asleep and slept through the night. The next morning she took a few more doses to finally resolve the residual minor headache and she was able to go to work. I am SO grateful to have this tool. My daughter would have had to go to the emergency room.



I began taking an eRemedy for influenza at the very first onset of symptoms. My son was already sick with the flu, so I knew what was coming… I was very afraid of ending up with pneumonia and I cannot safely leave the house in this weather to seek medical care. Within a few minutes of my first dose of my eRemedy, I was feeling calmer and stronger and my initial symptoms began to subside. Later that afternoon, after getting up from a nap, my symptoms had returned and changed. I was now having symptoms I had answered “NO” to in the diagnostic questionaire and kicking myself for not waiting longer to start taking the eRemedy so that I would be able to address these symptoms as well. However, when I took my eRemedy again, all of these symptoms that I had initially answered no to quickly began to subside along with the initial symptoms. … My sinus headache is completely gone, and I have no aches or pains in my body. I just got up from a nap and was feeling a little nauseous. I took my second dose of my eRemedy for the day and the feeling quickly subsided. I have to say that if anyone other than Dr. Gray was offering medical care using sound, I would probably dismiss it. I don’t know how he does it, but the eRemedy I have used worked extremely well.