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What are eRemedies? They are  brief sound files with healing frequencies matched uniquely to what is unique about the details of your diarrhea. It is not music, auto-hypnosis or relaxing sounds. They have been used by centuries-old energy medicine doctors. Dr. Bill Gray, Stanford-trained MD, has extracted them into digital files that can be played on your digital device. Each "dose" lasts 15 seconds. They are completely safe, have no side effects, do not require a headset, and usually produce practically instant relief.

Diarrhea is caused by intestinal inflammation, characterized by frequent liquid stools, with or without pain and cramps, occurs often from contaminated food or drink. Thus, it happens a lot to travelers as "travelers diarrhea" or "turista." Fever may or may not be part of the experience. It is self-limited, but can be relieved rapidly by an eRemedy chosen on your digital device and then by playing the eRemedy. 


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ABOUT Diarrhea

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Bob G, Aurora CO

Had been struggling with diarrhea for two days, decided to try an eremedy. After answering the questions, aloe was recommended. I felt a measure of relief after an hour, but was more certain of the success of the remedy about 4 hours later. I have now been free of the diarrhea and the associated abdominal discomfort for more than 24 hours.


Lata Mani PhD, San Jose CA/Bangalore India

I was unsure about the idea of an e remedy though not entirely skeptical since it was Dr. Gray. How could answering a questionnaire possibly match my experience of homeopathy as a subtle narrative-based form of medicine? It was a delightful surprise to be proven wrong! As soon as I hit play I felt my entire being begin to relax, to settle into itself, as I were receiving exactly what I had been waiting for. Two hours later I was able to discontinue the e-remedy. An acute episode that would typically have taken 36 hours to resolve had simply petered out in two. I highly recommend eremedyonline.


HG, Arizona

Though it was hocus pocus joke but tried it and it worked. Would try it again. Website was simple to use.



Just wanted to let you know that after the audio belladonna treatment just twice, an hour apart, I have an appetite again, I haven’t been sick in 3 days, I feel a lot better! I have had a lot of little side effects, vivid dreams, short sleep patterns, heat sensitivity is heightened, my words seem to be a bit mixed up, I am having some small memory issues. (Attention issues).
Most importantly I’m not vomiting!