Affordability of Medical Care

Suppression is expensive in medicines

The medical industry is very expensive!

Medicine has become prohibitively expensive. Why is this? The obvious first answer is money. The medical establishment, especiallyPharma and the medical instrument industry, are huge money-makers. When combined with hospitals, large medical partnerships, and insurers, healthcare costs are huge burdens on modern economies.

After considering what has been described in this blog so far, more fundamental problems should be clear by now. The entire medical system is based on suppression of symptoms. This directly counteracts natural healing processes in everyone’s bodies! Not only is this a futile approach, it contributes to declining health over time. And so it is uneconomic.

Studies have shown for decades that more man-hours are spent dealing with side effects of treatments than treating disease directly. Given these principles, it is no wonder that medicine is so expensive.

Modern technology does offer ways of helping this conundrum. If principles of healing are used and the Law of Cure honored, technology can deliver more efficient and less expensive healing. by Coherence Apps LLC is a step in this direction — solely focused on acute ailments, of course.

So far in this blog we have delineated the features of the ideal medicine for the 21st Century. A big remaining question is: How do we measure progress? How do we know when someone is getting better as opposed to simply suppressing symptoms? The next blog will answer this question.

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