Cellphone Healing! Star Trek Tricorder is Here!

Your cellphone DIRECTLY relieves acute injuries and ailments

Your cellphone DIRECTLY relieves acute injuries and ailments

Summer is almost here. School is out for many people. It’s time for new activities, being outdoors, traveling! Wonderful opportunities abound!

Along with this, new challenges come as well. Injuries, sprains, back problems, etc.,  come with unaccustomed hiking, sports, and other activities.Bites and stings come with good weather. If you have a dog or cat, bladder infections and abscesses arise. If you are traveling, traveler’s diarrhea or airplane cough and flu sometimes come along, not to mention malaria or typhoid or cholera in some parts of the world!

Your doctor is on vacation. Or you are at a distance from medical facilities. You need rapid relief! What to do!? Some of you who follow this blog may be focussed just on informational posts. However, the real meat of the site is the opportunity to bring rapid relief to such problems DIRECTLY by cellphone or computer!

I know this sounds like science fiction — like Dr. McCoy’s or Dr. Crusher’s tricorder on Star Trek! Well, it is now here on your cellphone! Almost. We cannot do diagnostics — yet. But rapid relief for acute injuries and acute illnesses is now available.

It is true that this works only for acute ailmentssudden, temporary, and self-limited, like injuries or infections.

How does this work?

You simply go to the appropriate module for your complaint. Answer some questions to develop a pattern of answers that individualize your suffering. From this an expert system algorithm chooses the appropriate MP3 eRemedy that you need. Finally, you play the 15 second eRemedy typically four times in the first hour, then once an hour for another six hours. If necessary, you play it a few more times in the next few days. When you play it, you hear a hissing sound which contains the precise frequency chosen uniquely for you based on your symptom pattern.

Most people experience some immediate changes within a few minutes, and full relief in a matter of hours, sometimes longer.

All this is completely nontoxic and safe. Feedback from users so far show about 95% relief rates for over 100 users, even though this is not certain because many have failed to send in followup surveys.

How can this be true? It seems too fantastic! Well, this innovation represents the nexus between modern technology and the old science of homeopathy. Homeopathy became famous throughout the world for effectively curing serious acute diseases such as scarlet fever, yellow fever, malaria, Spanish flu and others. It has long been known and scientifically proven that homeopathic remedies are not chemicals; rather they are energies with unique frequencies. The innovation in MDinyourHand.com is two-fold: 1) the energies have been extracted, amplified, and digitized; and 2) algorithms based on homeopathic principles have been made into an expert system embedded in the website.

For those who wish to delve further into the science, please visit technology.

To see the full list of injuries and ailments, even including childbirth complications, feel free to check out the list: Ailments.

To find out more about me, just go to Dr. Gray.

Don’t forget to BOOKMARK this site on both your computer and especially your cellphone! Then you will have it available when something comes up in your active Summer life!

31 responses to “Cellphone Healing! Star Trek Tricorder is Here!”

  1. fereshteh says:

    i am from iran and because of sanction i dont access to epayment tools.
    please help me to access to your moudule

    • Bill Gray says:

      Very unfortunate. I guess PayPal won’t work for you. Credit cards are accepted. Will that work for you?

  2. FERESHTEH says:


  3. fereshteh says:

    Dear dr.bill gray
    I know that in some ailments that the moudule has not included there are some kind of anexity and fear. Is it possible to diagnosis those according to their fear by your fear and anexity module? Thank you for your best answer

    • Bill Gray says:

      Dear Freshteh: The Anxiety/Phobia/Panic module covers the vast majority of acute fears. This applies to acute ones — meaning acute or situational anxieties. Chronic conditions cannot be dealt with by eremedyonline. In chronic conditions, you should try to find a classical homeopath for treatment. I hope this answers your question!

  4. Viraj Shah says:

    Is this Homeopathy? i have great respect for you sir but i do not think this you have learned from Vithoulkas sir who respects you a lot too.

    • Bill Gray says:

      Yes, of course this is homeopathy. As with all professions, innovations further progress. Vithoulkas in particular respects such progress. If your concern is around acute prescribing, listen carefully to Vithoulkas; there is no conflict between acute prescribing and constitutional prescribing for chronic conditions.As always our respect is mutual and forever!

  5. ìan says:

    dear sir.
    is the technology is the same as what radionic machine do.

    • Bill Gray says:

      I don’t think so, but I do not know for sure what radionics remedies consist of. These are direct extractions of the frequency of remedies. Radionics seems to operate on a psychic plane. The answer will have to be researched further.

  6. ìan says:

    can we again transfer buzz from cellphone to ethanol again by putting pile next to it. and make a remedy

    • Bill Gray says:

      I have not tried this. It would be an interesting experiment! I’m not sure of the advantage of doing it this way other than simplifying storage of remedies and potencies in pharmacies.

  7. fereshteh says:

    dear dr bill gray
    there was an earthquake in iran kermanshah 3 day ago. since then i tought about your distance medicine may be great help. any your experience and help in this regard would be appreciate.

    • Bill Gray says:

      Absolutely! MDinyourHand.com can be used for all kinds of injuries, emotional stress, and even cholera! All are common after a major earthquake. This is the exact idea of how to use cellphone healing!

  8. ìmian says:

    dear dr.bill gray
    what is the potency of your cell phone remedy.

  9. ani says:

    dear dr.gray.
    i am in the field of agrohomeopathy. and made a remedy of lady birds to fight aphid. is the technology of making eremedy some thing sophisticate or i can do it in my home.
    thank you for your kindly response.

    • Bill Gray says:

      For this to work properly, I paid an engineer to put together the product. Of course, the patented diagram is simple. If you have the skills, you could do this yourself. Good luck!

  10. ani says:

    dear dr.gray.
    would you please give me a reference or standard procedure for doing this task.
    a procedure that step by step describe what should i do. best

    • Bill Gray says:

      Sorry. I don’t have one. The engineer did several iterations until we got it right. You could mail a sample to me in a small vial, and I could make an eRemedy from it using my machine. I charge $250 for such a service.

  11. dani says:

    ì try several times your injury’s module for reaching arnica as ì tought its first remey of choose for trama. i fill the answer baded on kent materia medica. but most of the time it suggest bellis instead of arnica. what is wrong with it.

    • Bill Gray says:

      It depends on the nature and intensity of the injury. Arnica is good on a more superficial level, whereas Bellis is better for deep injuries. Kent’s Materia Medica is a decent source and makes the same emphasis. The Injury Module is based on many more books and extensive clinical experience.

  12. dani says:

    may i ask you for symptom in your injury module that lead to arnica please

  13. dani says:

    dear dr.bill gray
    is it possible to record your remedy sound and use it in the same situation in future.

    • Bill Gray says:

      Yes. Of course it will only work for you because your answers are unique to you. However, be careful. The number of plays are limited on purpose because more than 20 plays (doses) can create the very symptoms you are trying to treat. Not good.

  14. ani says:

    do you have any recommendation for covid19 epidemy.

  15. dani says:

    would you please let us know if you have any suggestion for covid19 epidemy

  16. Eero Nevanlinna says:

    I’m a MD from Finland, now living in Norway. I advised my daughter in law to use eRemedy for her acute sinusitis and she got immediately well. Can you friendliest report if you get any information of Covid19 cures with this method?

    • Bill Gray says:

      Yes, using the Influenza module for Covid19 so far is working very well. Symptoms are similar enough that similar eRemedies work.

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