Purpose Beyond Self: Cultivating Global Awareness

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First homeopathic urgent care clinic in Kossoh Town

In early blogs, we considered a profound Definition of Health, a rare notion in medicine. It actually becomes a yardstick or measure of whether any activity or healing endeavor is really helping or hurting. Meditating on this is important for every individual, no matter how blood tests and diagnostics come out.

On the mental level, the definition of health can be described as Selfless CreativitySelfless refers both to considering others outside of yourself but also including yourself. Self-sacrifice itself, even for greater good, is NOT truly a description of Health. And Creativity refers to seeing things anew, whether a truly new artistic idea or a synthesis of disparate ideas seen in a new way. The combination of these two mind activities bring profound fulfillment, a sense of purpose, a reason for being,  self-validation, and even a kind of enlightenment. 

This is not an attainment. It is a state of mind, noticed almost incidentally, as a result of optimizing health holistically in all other ways discussed in this blog. Health is not mere absence of disease! Even when there is chronic disease, this optimized state of health can reach into the mental plane! Purpose is a matter of focus. It is a matter of where attention is drawn.

The discussion about GMO begins to border on this kind of selfless focus. We can protect how we eat, but we need to work to improve the environment in which our food is grown. This is outside ourselves and attending to a greater good.

Caring about parts of the world beyond our limited neighborhood is another focus that expands us as individuals. In truth, All are Connected. As we expand our Consciousness, we join our individual voice to the collective voices of All. This is not a religious notion per se; it is a simple description of a truth of how we know the Universe to work!

As an example — and as a brazen plug for our nonprofit project — take a moment and consider a small town outside Kossoh Town, near Freetown, Sierra Leone. Coherence Apps LLC reached out via Facebook to West Africa when the Ebola epidemic erupted. Knowing that eRemedies could help, we fought hard with local government authorities to bring rapid relief to Ebola sufferers directly via cellphone! In the end, informally, three cases were indeed symptom-free within a matter of hours!

As Ebola wound down, we realized there were other desperate needs in the local populace. As a result, we turned our Ebola-focused nonprofit EmergencyDr. Org (a 501( c)3) corporation toward raising money to create a local urgent care clinic to deal with acute ailments and injuries, as well as childbirth and childbirth complications.

Kossoh Town is quite a distance, over very poor roads, away from the nearest Chinese hospital. So local elders encouraged the development of this facility. The local medical and dental boards have approved it. A team of 18 volunteers worked hard to build the facility, as you can see in the picture at the start of this blog. In addition, there are local nurses volunteering their services.

Volunteers putting energy into the clinic

Volunteers putting energy into the clinic

At the moment, the facility is nearly completed, and fund-raising is focussed on bringing homeopathic practitioners to Sierra Leone to provide training in how to use homeopathy and MDinyourHand.

[As I say, this is a blatant plug. If you are interested in contributing, send checks to EmergencyDr. Org, 459 Monterey Ave #205, Los Gatos, CA 95030. Donations are tax-deductible, EIN 47-1906830.]

However, my point of describing this project is to provide an example of Expanded Focus. There are millions, billions, of such opportunities on the planet! The idea is to pay attention to what is going on in the world, see opportunitiescreatively find a way to connect. As you do so, you are finding Purpose beyond your self. We all have a reason why we are on this planet. And fulfillment comes from acting on this Purpose.

Unity of All can change the world

Unity of All can change the world

[Remember, MDinyourHand is not merely an informational website. If you have an acute ailment such as an athletic injury, bites or stings, a cat or dog with acute health problems, even traveler’s diarrhea, malaria, typhoid, or cholera, you can use your cellphone or computer DIRECTLY to get rapid relief! Just answer some questions, and the expert system chooses the most appropriate MP3 eRemedy for you to play on your device. You can expect relief within mere minutes or a few hours.

Then, let us know what you think! Sharing and discussing help build a community!]

3 responses to “Purpose Beyond Self: Cultivating Global Awareness”

  1. fereshteh says:

    Dear doctor bill gray:
    I very impressed reading this article. I am an engineer and start self reading homeopathy about 1.5 years ago. Because i found it very interesting subject. I read 3 of george vithoulkas books. And know you from his book. Since finding your mdinhand moudule in your site i very interested with it and ckeck it out several times with my knowledge even little about homeopathy. In iran there are only some homeopathy phisicion in big city and in many city people don’t even hear its name. I always think about how i can promote your module and make it useful for my people. Any suggestion would be appreciate.

    • Bill Gray says:

      Thank you very much for your interest, Fershteh. Indeed, this is slowly reaching throughout the world and showing dramatic results for a variety of acute ailments. The Sierra Leone clinic has worked well for Ebola, influenza, back injuries. Of course, eremedyonline is good only for acute, temporary ailments, not chronic lifelong ones. As for bringing homeopathy to Iran, that would take huge efforts to create a professional school. Homeopathy itself is as difficult as a major medical specialty requiring years of full time study. If there is interest in Iran, I would be happy to help in any way I can.

  2. Sympsohn Yajoh says:

    This is apparently a not forgetting job in helping the community to have such a brilliant clinic in Kossoh town Sierra Leone. It is beyond human imagination and one has sacrifice all to give to this poor people. This help change the devastating health system in Sierra Leone. Thank you Dr. Bill Gray for you are great in the little way of doing issues. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!!!

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