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Sierra Leone hospital, being created by Coherence Apps

Sierra Leone hospital, being created by Coherence Apps

The ideal medicine of the 21st Century should be available to everyone on the planet at all times. We are far from this currently, of course. People need to see their doctors during office hours; emergency rooms are generally crowded and have long waits. People in remote areas have to travel many hours or even days to get to an inadequate facility. In these regions, reliance on indigenous healers is prominent, and actually quite effective for many problems.

With the advent of the internet and smartphones that have reached even the most remote regions of the planet, these issues can resolve. Information on ailments is more readily available. Monitoring and diagnostic apps are exploding in popularity. Skype and other videoconferencing apps could readily enable contact with doctors and/or nurse practitioners. Telemedicine is already enabling specialty consultation remotely. by Coherence Apps LLC provides such accessibility anywhere in the world at any time for acute conditions. No travel, no waiting time, no side effects, and rapid relief if questions are answered to choose the proper eRemedy.

Going forward in the 21st Century, I believe artificial intelligence can be used for more chronic conditions as well. It will take awhile to gather enough cured case files to serve as an AI database for matching – a huge task. But such issues of scale are not out of reach altogether. It just demands a lot of work-hours.

[Remember, this website is primarily designed to bring rapid relief for a variety of acute complaints DIRECTLY using your cellphone or computer! Information is valuable; actual relief is better! We can relieve fever and traveler’s diarrhea, as well as children’s and pet ailments. In emerging countries, relevant modules found at MDinyourHand > Ailments might be childbirth complicationsmalariatyphoid, and cholera.

How do you do this? You go to MdinyourHand > Ailments. Answer some questions to individualize the pattern of your symptoms to your particular state. The expert system selects an appropriate MP3 eRemedy for you. Then then play the eRemedy on the recommended schedule DIRECTLY on your cellphone or computer. Based on user experience so far, you can expect relief within minutes to a few hours!]

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