Scope of Healing: What Should be 21st Century Medicine? is more available!

Old style medicine for acute ailments! “One Way”?

Lets take a moment to ask an important question: What would be the ideal medicine of the 21st Century? Ideally, what would we all want?

Many would answer something along the lines of more advanced technology, evidence-based interventions in disease processes, greater accessibility, more cost-effective, less side effects. I agree with some of this but would suggest a broader look that indeed is already possible! In subsequent blogs, I will discuss these further point-by-point.

  • Curative for both acute and chronic conditions, rather than merely suppressing symptoms
  • Stimulates the body to heal itself
  • Customized holistically to the individual rather than based on population statistics
  • No side effects, while even leaving the body’s health stronger after treatment
  • Readily accessible even in regions with less economic opportunity
  • Inexpensive

Utilizing the internet and smartphones, and possibly increasing use of artificial intelligence, all these goals are reachable. For acute conditions at least, Coherence Apps LLC makes them possible today!

If you are interested in these topics, plus discussion of Definition of Health, optimal lifestyle principles for prevention, historical perspectives in alternative health and homeopathy, and other topics raised by our discussions, follow this blog by bookmarking it.

[Remember, this website is not solely informational. Mainly, there are modules that bring rapid relief for a variety of acute self-limited conditions DIRECTLY by using your cellphone or computer. Just go to MDinyourHand > Ailments ! You will see modules for relieving many kinds of injuries such as back painsprainsbruisingconcussion, even bites & stings. Additionally, parents will appreciate feverbaby’s colicteethingear infection, and others. Even pet owners will find pet bladder infection and pet abscess

How do you do it? Just go to MDinyourHand > Ailments. Answer some questions to define an individualizing pattern of symptoms. The expert system chooses an appropriate MP3 eRemedy. You then play it DIRECTLY on your cellphone or computer. You can expect relief within minutes to a few hours!]

9 responses to “Scope of Healing: What Should be 21st Century Medicine?”

  1. Bill Gray says:

    Thanks for the offer. I plan to continue creating my own content that has been developed over 44 years of practice.

  2. Fantastic web page you’ve got right here.|

    • Bill Gray says:

      I appreciate your comments! Feel free to offer ideas for topics and create discussion!

  3. csgo says:

    Thanks a ton! It is definitely an incredible web-site!.

  4. sympsohn yajoh says:

    Do you think eremedies healing with ailment and stimulis this body can over come the 21st century…

    • Bill Gray says:

      Sure, at least for acute ailments. Someday, with artificial intelligence algorithms, even chronic disease might be helped. Doctors will always be needed for management of individual cases, of course, but this method can be a tool for them to use in practice.

  5. Shelly says:

    Excellent thought process sir

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